Best TV Ears for Seniors: Hearing Aids for TV Watching


 Do you have a problem with hearing the TV? If you have found yourself turning the TV volume to the highest and still can’t hear properly then you have come to the right place. I have careful selected the best TV ears for seniors or the hearing impaired to help you enjoy watching the TV just like any other person.

No more blasting the TV volume and disturbing others to hear your favorite shows and movies!. These TV ears are manufactured using speed of light infrared technology (SoLIT). They are also termed as Assistive Listening Devices for the elderly or the hearing impaired individual. The technology used in these devices gives them the ability to produce volume twice that of wireless headsets.

How do TV Ears Works?

The TV Ears use speed of light infrared technology to send television audio to the headset. Proprietary circuitry in the transmitters captures and manipulates audio before it ever reaches the ears to provide you with a cleaner and clearer listening experience.

This technology boosts the frequencies of human speech and lowers background noise, so you hear everything that’s said.

It was made possible by someone who could see the possibility of creating an affordable and better  alternative other than the expensive hearing aids currently in the market. A simple device that could help people hear better while watching the TV.

If you in a hurry and don’t have much time to read the longer reviews of each one below, Hear is a quick list of each one.

TV Ears Digital System 11741

This  wireless voice clarifying TV headset  enables you to watch any TV dialog clearly while eliminating any complaints about loud volumes from loved ones. They provide conducive environment for all who are watching the TV with you. If you are alone you can even mute it while you listen through your headset. It also eliminate any fights over TV volume.

This system has received very good reviews from over 130 customers and is rated 4.2/5 stars on Amazon. This is a good indication that most of customers are very happy with their purchase.

best Tv ears for seniors

It is a great system because only the person with the hearing loss  or who wants to watch the TV without noise needs to wear it to enhance the sound. The television can operate at the volume preferred by the other people, so effectively you get two types of audio being delivered to those watching the TV.

The other benefit is if you enjoy watching TV early mornings or late at night, you can do so without any disturbance to the other party that might be in the same room. In effect, this assistive hearing device is for everyone not just those who have hearing loss or are hearing impaired.

You simple need to connect it to your TV through the transmitter or connect the directly through the cable box or your satellite box. If you have an analog port on your TV you are good to go.

The TV Ears Digital System is lightweight and is meant to be worn hanging down in front of you instead of over your head.It is very comfortable to wear and it has no chance of ruining your beautiful hair.

Overall, this hearing aids for TV recommended by doctors and I will endorse it any day as well.


TV Ears 11941 5.0 Dual Digital Headphone System with Speaker

This a great solution for people who have difficulties with hearing from their television set. You don’t have to pull you chair closer to the TV anymore, just sit at your comfort zone. You can put the remote wireless speaker on your side table and control the volume accordingly.

If you  don’t want to disturb others in the room, simple turn on your TV ears system and enjoy your favorite TV channels. The headset are incredibly convenient.

This product would be wonderful for couples working different shifts .With the headsets, the TV can be on mute and the sound can come through the headset.

Options for different listening abilities, Twice as powerful as other TV Ears Systems, Works on Any TV including Plasma and LCD Televisions, Digital connectivity with Dolby, SRS, and PCM compatibility.

This a very good deal for anybody. Check this dual digital headphone and speaker set on Amazon.


TV Ears 330-0123 2.3 Wireless Headset System

It is the most purchased and very popular among its peers with about 647 customer reviews and rated 3.5/5 Stars indicating most customers like their product.

It is similar to the  TV Ears Digital System 11741 because they are both made by same company but different  models. This system is a very powerful transmitter that can cover up to 600 square foot room.This is an older version though than the TV Ears Digital System 11741.

The newest edition is the TV Ears Digital System 11741. It is quite more expensive though compared to the older model. Check this product out on Amazon

These are the best TV Ears  for seniors or the hearing impaired or just any body who wants more privacy.If you don’t want to be disturbing your neighbors or household with loud TV sounds. I highly recommend you get one of these TV ears.




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