9 Best Buy TV Ears for Seniors and Elderly : Hearing Amplifiers for TV Watching Reviews


 Do you have a problem with hearing the TV? If you have found yourself turning the TV volume to the highest and still can’t hear properly then you have come to the right place. I have careful selected the best TV ears for seniors or the hearing impaired to help you enjoy watching the TV just like any other person.

No more blasting the TV volume and disturbing others to hear your favorite shows and movies!. These TV ears are manufactured using speed of light infrared technology (SoLIT). They are also termed as Assistive Listening Devices for the elderly or the hearing impaired individual. The technology used in these devices gives them the ability to produce volume twice that of wireless headsets.

How do TV Ears Work?

The TV Ears use speed of light infrared technology to send television audio to the headset. Proprietary circuitry in the transmitters captures and manipulates audio before it ever reaches the ears to provide you with a cleaner and clearer listening experience.

This technology boosts the frequencies of human speech and lowers background noise, so you hear everything that’s said.

It was made possible by someone who could see the possibility of creating an affordable and better  alternative other than the expensive hearing aids currently in the market. A simple device that could help people hear better while watching the TV.

If you in a hurry and don’t have much time to read the longer reviews of each one below, Hear is a quick list of the best TV Ears for seniors or the hearing impaired.

9 Best TV Ears|Alternative to TV Ears Reviewed

Here are the top rated hearing amplifiers best buy  you  can  find in the market. After thorough research, Here are the best TV ears for seniors and elderly people.

#1 TV Ears Digital System 11741 Wireless Voice Clarifying TV Headset – Version 5.0

#2 Sennheiser TV RF Stereo TV Assistive Listening Headphones System

#3  Sennheiser Infra Red IS410 Wireless Ultra-lightweight Assistive Listening Stereo Headphone System

#4 TV Ears 11941 5.0 Dual Digital Headphone System with Speaker

#5 TV Ears 330-0123 2.3 Wireless Headset System

#6   TV Ears 11641 Version 5.0 Analog Wireless Voice Clarifying TV Headset

#7 Wireless Hearing Aid Headset System

#8  TrueDio Wireless TV Headset System

#9 Pyle Health  Dual Infrared Wireless Hearing Assistance System


#1 TV Ears Digital System 11741 Review

This  wireless voice clarifying TV headset  enables you to watch any TV dialog clearly while eliminating any complaints about loud volumes from loved ones. They provide conducive environment for all who are watching the TV with you. If you are alone you can even mute it while you listen through your headset. It also eliminate any fights over TV volume.

This system has received very good reviews from over 130 customers and is rated 4.2/5 stars on Amazon. This is a good indication that most of customers are very happy with their purchase.

best Tv ears for seniors

It is a great system because only the person with the hearing loss  or who wants to watch the TV without noise needs to wear it to enhance the sound. The television can operate at the volume preferred by the other people, so effectively you get two types of audio being delivered to those watching the TV.

The other benefit is if you enjoy watching TV early mornings or late at night, you can do so without any disturbance to the other party that might be in the same room. In effect, this assistive hearing device is for everyone not just those who have hearing loss or are hearing impaired.

You simple need to connect it to your TV through the transmitter or connect the directly through the cable box or your satellite box. If you have an analog port on your TV you are good to go.



The TV Ears Digital System is lightweight and is meant to be worn hanging down in front of you instead of over your head.It is very comfortable to wear and it has no chance of ruining your beautiful hair.

Overall, this hearing aids for TV recommended by doctors and I will endorse it any day as well.

#2 Sennheiser Set 840 TV RF Stereo TV Assistive Listening Headphones System Review

Sennheiser  is one of the best TV Ears for seniors and is designed this wireless TV listening system especially for people who wear hearing amplifiers. The way it works is that the included transmitter connects to your TV or audio system and sends a clear audio signal wirelessly to the receiver, covering a range of up to 100 feet.

The receiver comes with a lanyard to hang around your neck, this unique design will supposingly eliminate the mess that traditional headsets cause on your hair when you wear them and it can pass the audio signals to your hearing aid wirelessly.

The TV RF Stereo TV Assistive Listening Headphones System has a selectable hearing settings which actual allows users to optimize the speeches and emphasis.

The receiver has a volume control system that you can use to control the volume and it automatically turns on or off when you wear it. It comes with rechargeable battery which allows you to use your  hearing aids for TV viewing for up to 9 hours of operation.

Best Buy TV Ears for Seniors: Hearing Aids for TV Watching Reviews :Sennheiser SET840 -TV RF Stereo TV Assistive Listening Headphones System

One question the some  users had was whether it is suitable for people who have nerve loss of hearing ?. the answer is yes . A verified customers said they have similar condition and they have benefited greatly from using this TV assistive listening headphones system. This because this device has  electronic sound enhancement that is adjustable to fit the frequency lost range of your hearing.



The Sennheiser set 840  best buy also works well  especially if the TV is on mute. It is comfortable and is currently rated 4.3/5 Stars  on Amazon by 450 verified customers. This indicates most of them are happy with their purchase.

#3  Sennheiser Infra Red IS410 Wireless Ultra-lightweight Assistive Listening Stereo Headphone System

If you have lost your hearing or have  a loved one  that has lost some of their hearing, either  say minimal to moderate loss of hearing. This Sennheiser Infra Red IS410 wiill come in very handy.

Its well designed and it does need a clear line of sight for it to work.Unlike the Sennheiser Set 840 TV RF Stereo TV Assistive Listening Headphones System which operate on RF. The Sennheiser infrar red IS410 only gets temporarily blocked if someone walks in between you and the transmitter. The sound is very clear and has adjustable settings for the desired ear that maybe having loss of hearing, and there is also a volume control that you can crank up if needed.

When removed, it immediately turns off allowing for many hours of listening without recharging. Recharging is simple. Simply place the headset on the transmitter cradle and it gets charged. Not only is it for assistive listening on your TV, also for listening to music on your PC if you wire your PC to  it. The compression function ensures superior speech intelligibility and very good reproduction of music.

Sennheiser Infra Red IS410 Wireless Ultra-lightweight Assistive Listening Stereo Headphone System

It has a  balance control on the headphones for separately setting the volume level for the left and right ear. One can use this device within a room of up to 12 meters away from  the transmitter.One can even use it  in bed while my spouse is sleeping and you get to disturb him.

The infrared headphones for TV watching  comes with 5 pairs each of normal and lamellar ear cushions, a SCART adapter,a 3.5mm audio cable, and an external microphone.

highly recommend this for someone that wants to listen to the TV privately or for someone that is hard of hearing and you want peace in the house



highly recommend these infrared headphones for TV watching for someone that wants to listen to the TV privately or for someone that is hard of hearing and you want peace in the house.  It has received over 400 verified customer reviews  and is rated 3.8/5 on Amazon. Which is good indication that it worth  the price.


#4 TV Ears 11941 5.0 Dual Digital Headphone System with Speaker Review

This a great solution for people who have difficulties with hearing from their television set. You don’t have to pull you chair closer to the TV anymore, just sit at your comfort zone. You can put the remote wireless speaker on your side table and control the volume accordingly.

With more than twice the number of light emitting diodes, the TV·Ears Dual Digital is more than twice as powerful than any other TV·EARS® wireless TV listening system .It comes with two headsets which allows you be able to listen to your favorite shows with anyone.

The TV·Ears Dual Digital not only offers digital connectivity, but is also compatible with your Dolby Digital, SRS, and PCM products. You maybe asking yourself how does this headphones eliminate noise and help you be able to  hear the right dialog?. The  Voice Clarifying Circuitry is powered by an advanced microchip that instantaneously amplifies and clarifies television dialog while dampening background sounds so that voices are heard clearly.

These TV Ears 11941 5.0 Dual Digital Headphone System with Speaker operates similar way to the Sennheiser infrared red IS410 because the both used infrared red technology. They both operate on light of sight technology. Which does not require any Bluetooth pairing.

If you  don’t want to disturb others in the room, simple turn on your TV ears system and enjoy your favorite TV channels. The headset are incredibly convenient.

This product would be wonderful for couples working different shifts .With the headsets, the TV can be on mute and the sound can come through the headset.

Options for different listening abilities, Twice as powerful as other TV Ears Systems, Works on Any TV including Plasma and LCD Televisions, Digital connectivity with Dolby, SRS, and PCM compatibility.


This a very good deal for anybody.  The product is rated 3.5/5 Stars and reviewed by 6 reviewers on Amazon. It has not received a lot of customer reviews from Amazon. Check this dual digital headphone and speaker set on Amazon.


#5 TV Ears 330-0123 2.3 Wireless Headset System

This is the analog version of the TV ears and if you want to use them on a digital TV set you might need to buy an adapter to help convert to digital signal.

It is the most purchased and very popular among its peers with about 647 customer reviews and rated 3.5/5 Stars indicating most customers like their product.

It is similar to the  TV Ears Digital System 11741 because they are both made by same company but different  models. This system is a very powerful transmitter that can cover up to 600 square foot room.This is an older version though than the TV Ears Digital System 11741.



The newest edition is the TV Ears Digital System 11741. It is quite more expensive though compared to the older model. Check this product out on Amazon

These are the best TV Ears  for seniors or the hearing impaired or just any body who wants more privacy.If you don’t want to be disturbing your neighbors or household with loud TV sounds. I highly recommend you get one of these TV ears.

Affordable TV Ears Best Buy Reviews

#6   TV Ears 11641 Version 5.0 Analog Wireless Voice Clarifying TV Headset

this TV  ears 5.0  analog version  is the latest version for analog  television. If you need some TV ears for your analog TV,this is great for you.  This headphones enhances the sound of speech while lowering the level of background noise.

This Best  TV Ears for seniors  like most assistive listening help people with mild to moderate hearing loss to hear well through enhanced sounds while allowing other people with might be viewing same TV with you to operate at a preferred volume, so effectively you get two types of audio being delivered to those watching the TV.

TV Ears 11641 Version 5.0 Analog Wireless Voice Clarifying TV Headset is a wireless system and very compact.  When you use your transmitter as a cradle for your headsets. We all have very busy days and sometimes we forget where we place some of our stuff, to avoid them been sat on and crushed, is ok to place them at a vantage point to be able to  remember where they are.

9 Best Buy TV Ears for Seniors: Hearing Aids for TV Watching Reviews


To use this Hearing Aids for TV viewing, all you need to do is to connect the transmitter to your TV. If you prefer you can plug it straight into your TV cable box or satellite box. All you need is an analog port on your TV, or box.



This is TV Ears 5.0 Analog headset provides Comfort by the fact that they have angled foam earpieces. These blocks out all unnecessary background noise, which further enhances your listening experience. At the time of writing this post it was rated 4.1/5 Stars on Amazon. Reviewed by over 300 verified customers and  over 60 answered questions. Check out this Analog 5.0 TV Ears on Amazon 

#7 Wireless Hearing Aid Headset System

The dual-purpose Artiste APH100 TV listening system with under-the-chin stethoset-style headset receiver is designed to wirelessly enhance sound from your TV and other audio sources.

This  wireless hearing aid  headset is made of lightweight plastic and is very easy to navigate while you’re wearing it.

Hearing aid function:Headset mute button enable the TV sound stops funneling through the headset,than built-in microphone to amplifying conversations within the room ,so you can hear people speaking to you more clearly. Checkout this Hearing Aid for TV Watching

#8 TrueDio Wireless TV Headset System

The TrueDio wireless listening system been  around for awhile now.It was designed with  their ideal  user been  people mostly the senior citizens or people have difficult hearing. if You  have mostly found yourself struggling to  hear at low volumes or continuously asking people what is been said on  the TV, then  you  definitely need one of these TV hearing ears.

This wireless TV headset system is one of my recommended best TV ears for seniors or the elderly. It is made wireless and uses radio frequency  as it form of transmission between your televion set and the yourself. Make it possible for you  to sit away  from the TV and yet stil  enjoy  quality  sound. it has volume controls for you  to  be able to  control it to  your ideal  volume and you  know the best part of it?, you  can  use it with any  Television set.

The Truedio transmitter plugs directly into the back of your TV, satellite/cable box, or other audio source equipped with a digital optical (toslink) or analog audio output

Just like all the best TV ears for seniors above, it has pros and cons.



With over 80 customers reviews, this TrueDio is rated 3.6/5 stars on Amazon.

Checkout this TV Hearing Set System on Amazon.

#9 Pyle Health  Dual Infrared Wireless Hearing Assistance System

Unlike the TrueDio Wireless TV system, the Pyle Wireless Hearing system  uses infrared  ray  transmission system and connects to  virtually any audio source. usual requires that you sit directly in front of the TV.

Best TV Ears for SeniorsCharging the Pyle Wireless Hearing Assistance System is easy  as you  simple Recharge your headphones with transmitter charging dock.  imply place the headphones in the dock slot and they automatically start to charge.

The built-in headphone controls allow you to control your unit. You are able to increase or decrease volume, turn the unit on/off, adjust the balance from left to right ear as well as the tone of your sound.

Read More on This Hearing Assistance System on Amazon

Where to  Buy TV Ears

When  it comes deciding where to  buy TV ears or the alternative to  TV ears, You  can  will  find lot of websites online offering these hearing amplifiers for TV  watching for sale. It is always important to  consider which  outlet is trustworthy  and will  deliver a quality product.

Some of the popular websites include; Amazon ,Ebay, Walmart and among others. As you  you can  see from  my  featured best TV ears for seniors and the elderly, I  prefer Amazon website simple because, Amazon over the years have improved their customer service greatly. Plus, you  will find verified customers reviews and ratings of the product. Which  usual  gives you a fair idea of what  other people experience with  the set product is like.

Furthermore, Amazon is in  almost every country  around the world and the ship to  most of them.In addition to  that you will  also  find variety of different brands which  will enable you  to  get  your TV ears best buy.


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