seniorhealthstores is, at its heart, a site about acid reflux, the disabled and senior health. However, that doesnt stop us from slowly expanding our reach into other areas of the health. (and we hope to expand more as we grow).

Were still young, but we have plans to grow. As such, we have primary missions.

Mission 1: Provide Value Through Informative, Engaging Content

Mission 2: By translating our passion into useful product Reviews and recommendation of Acid Reflux, senior health products, and other Related Products

This is our primary goal, to provide value to our readership. Whether its big how-to guides, tips, or advice. Whether is sports injuries, medical conditions or simply getting older bring inconveniences to us all.

In addition to our efforts to inform and educate about senior health, acid reflux, etc We alsofeature product reviews for anything related to senior health and anything else that catches our eye.

We are constantly striving to find the best products, be the greatest bargains, the best in their fields, the most exciting innovators, or the most tried and true classics, in order to bring them to our readers’ attention.

So Enjoy!