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Are you looking for handicap walkers accessories to buy for your walker?.

People use walkers differently. we are individuals with different preferences.

No two people use a walker the same way.Which ever way you choose to use yours, you can find plenty of products to either replace worn-out parts or modify it for more comfort and convenience.

Walkers give us more independence, freedom and the ability to walk from place to place without being assisted. So is only best if we accessorize them for out needs.

My Top Walker Glide Caps and Skies

Here are glide caps and skies to make your walker last longer and improve your mobility.

If you are looking for handicap walker parts like ski glides, It will be worth considering these ski glides from Drive Medical. You have two colors to choose from; white and black.

They are suitable for all 1″ folding walkers. Easy to add on to your walker and easily maneuver over most surfaces.

drive medical ski glides

This handicap walker accessory is a great alternative to the traditional walker glides. The only difference is that, they are extra durable and they provide smoother,quieter function. They are great for indoors and outdoors as well.the Drive Medical Ski Glides have proven to work well on grass, carpet, wood, concrete and gravel.

Features and specifications

  • Actual Product Weight: 0.13 lbs
  • Dimensions: 4.75″(L) x 1.25″(W) x 2.75″(H)
  • For use with all 1″ folding walkers

To fix them, you just need to slip them on your walker’s legs or use a hammer to tap them in.

These ski glides are not the larger glides with the screw expansion mount that you will find on many walkers. They don not have any screws to screw on to make them tighter.

Make sure they are the correct fit for your walker before you buy them.Otherwise, you might end up with some unusable ski glides in your house.

These ski glides have received positive reviews from verified customers and have being rated 4.2/5 stars on Amazon. For as little as $5.22+ free shipping, you can enjoy more quieter and smoother long walkers.

The universal adjustable ski glides are a pair of medical walker accessory that fit in most walkers. They are made of durable nylon plastic and are a versatile choice for many surfaces.

universal ski glides

You can simple mount them on your walker’s feet by installing them with a screw driver.

There four colors to available namely;gray, blue, pink, black and white!

Features and specifications

If you are afraid that the push in ski glides might not fit your walker model, then better to get the universal screw in ski glides for they fit most standard walkers legs.

These Ski glides have being rated 4.6/5 stars on Amazon. Which shows most people are pleased with their purchase.Check out these glides on Amazon

Looking for an alternative handicap walker accessory?. If you have already tried the tennis balls, wheels and ski glides and feel like you still need a better option, then I will recommend these walker coasters set for you.handicap walker parts

These great replacement foot pads glide smoothly over carpets,tiles, wood floors,bumps,cracks, doorways and sidewalks.

They are great alternative to tennis balls. Unlike tennis balls which turn to grab rough surfaces,absorb water and collect collect debris, walker coasters rather shed off excess debris and water.

Walker coasters are also better off than ski glides because they slide in all directions and wont fall off.They fit your standard 1″ traditional walker.

If you are looking for long-lasting replacement, consider getting a pair of these walker coasters.To avoid stumbling and tripping.

Check out these Walker Coasters on Amazon

Replacement Wheels for Handicap Walkers with Wheels and Other Accessorries

These replacement wheels give you the opportunity to easily convert your normal folding walker into a wheeled walker.

This handicap walker accessory from Drive medical helps you convert your standard walker into a rolling walker. These universal walker wheels with rear glides comes with two sets of rear glides and 5″ caster wheels.

medical walker accessory

wheeled walkers are much easier to operate than the traditional walkers without wheels.These rubber wheels allow your walker to roll easily over uneven surfaces and rear glides caps with covers allow for use on all surfaces.

Features and Specifications

These Universal Walker Wheels have being rated 4.8/5 stars from over 57 reviews.It currently the best seller on Amazon in the replacement wheels category.Get these replacement walker wheels on Amazon

This basket is my top pick for anyone looking for a basket for their walker.Not only do you get a shopping basket, you also get a plastic tray with a cup holder. I think that is real a huge bargain.

handicap walkers accessories

It is great for shopping if you only need a few items.In any case, you don’t want to have too many items in the basket such that you might not be able to lift or move your walker.

Features and Specifications

The solid metal construction makes it durable, it attaches securely and easily plus it comes with the little goodies I mentioned above.

I observed some customers through their reviews complained about it not fitting their walkers.Just make sure the dimensions are right for your walker.

However, If you are looking for a medical walker accessory that will help you carry your items.It is a good choice.It has received 4.3/5 stars from Amazon verified customers.

Check out this Drive Medical Walker Basket


It is a great bag for keeping your personal belongings private. Designed to be able to fit on all folding walkers with seven Velcro straps.

handicap walkers accessories

It has 3 front mesh pockets, 2 covered back pockets and a roomy main compartment with a full zipper.

Dimensions : 15.5″L x 13″W x 3″D and weighs: 1 pound,

It is available in Aloha Pink (4001AP) and black colors.

Get this Folding Walker Bag on Amazon for $12.59


There are many accessories for walkers for the elderly and the handicapped.It will be impossible to list every handicap walkers accessories here.

Nonetheless, these ones listed above can provide you with extra stability, mobility, convenience and extra comfort while using your walker.Or you might also want to upgrade from a walker to a rollator.Check here for our best rollators for seniors.

Feel free to tell me about other handicap walkers accessories that you found helpful in the comment box below.

Thank you

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