MedCline Acid Reflux System: 87% More Effective than Normal Wedge Pillow

Product Name:MedCline Acid Reflux System
Dimension: 48 x 30 x 12 inches
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The MedCline Acid Reflux Systemis an advance engineered acid reflux system whichis superior to the normal acid reflux wedge pillows.

It is specially formulated for people who are suffering from nighttime sleep, heartburn, sleep apneaor acid reflux. As at the time of reviewing this product,it has received about 4.5 stars out of 5 stars from 26 reviews which indicates that most of the customers are happy with their purchases.

MedCline Acid Reflux System

According to a customer review on Amazon “The product really represents the pinnacle of innovation, the finest materials, and design” .

Studies have shown that the MedCline acid Reflux system is proven to be 87% more effective than the normal wedge pillow.The good part is, it is a natural and effective treatment of acid reflux products.Which means,if you are searching for a natural treatment in light of all the serious side effects of anti-reflux medications, I will highly recommend you this product.

5 Clinical Studies show 87% less acid measured in the esophagus vs a traditional bed wedge. 93% of users reported a reduction in nighttime heartburn. 95% of users reported a better night’s sleep. which is pretty good results.

This patented pillow system is comprised of two components, an incline base and lateral positioning body pillow, which work together to comfortably hold you in the ideal sleep position for 100% natural relief.

Recent times, we have seen numerous acid reflux products emerge and saturated the market with some doing the job while others are simply scams. It is important to always do due diligent research before investing your hard earned money into something that doesn’t work.

MedCline is available in 2 sizes for maximum comfort and effectiveness. Complete with washable covers and an impermeable layer to protect its multiple types of polyurethane foams (tested to last at least 5 years), MedCline is designed to last night after night, year after year.

MedCline Acid Reflux System

All MedCline systems come with a complete set of covers for the incline base and lateral positioning body pillowough the MedCline can be used while sleeping on your left or right side,thebest clinical resultswere found to bewith those sleeping on their left side. MedCline is not intended for back or stomach sleepers. To use, simply place MedCline on top of your own mattress (uses only of a queen-sized mattress).

Although this acid reflux pillow is helping out a lot of people, I cannot overlook concerns some the customer have. I believe this will help you make a much more informed decision.

Some people complained it caused lower back pain where the incline started.I strongly believe is because of the people’sheight. Please do check the dimensions before you make purchase. The Bed Elevating Inclined Frame Insert is another great product to have if you feel the Medcline is not for you.

In a nutshell, the MedCline systemis a great pillow to have if you are a GERD or acid reflux sufferer. Customer service is on point. If you have any problems with it you can return it within the given period for refund.

Thank you.

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  • Michelle L'Heureux Dearborn says:

    Do you have a Canadian distributor? Amazon won’t ship it to my location in Saskatchewan.

    • Josephine says:

      Hi Michelle,
      You should check the Canadian Amazon website out, if it is not available there then ordering from Medcline website itself will be the alternative.
      Thank you

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