Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Foundation, Queen, White

Product Name:Serta 822119-950 Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Foundation, Queen, White
Dimension:80 x 59 x 9.2 inches
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TheSerta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Foundation, Queen, White is a similar to theClassic Brands Adjustable Comfort | Adjustable Bed Base, Queen which I recently wrote about. It allows you to be able to adjust both the foot and head of your bed to a position that is just right for.

Wether you are sick; suffering back or neck pain, acid reflux, heartburn, sleep apnea,etc or it is just better lifestyle you want to have. This bed base has got lots of benefits that will suit your needs. This Serta Essential adjustable foundation help give you good comfort andrejuvenating nights sleep with your mattress.

Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Foundation, Queen, White

Its high performance lifting capacity make it stand out from the rest. It can steadily hold a weight of capacity up to650 pounds at once. Which means whether you are slim or heavyweight individual. it can support your weight provided you are within the 650 pounds.The time taken to install this product is not much because at the factory, it is pre-assembled so you do not need to waist a lot of time in setting this adjustable bed frame up. This item is shipped to you in one piece.


  • Help reduce medical conditions like heartburn, GERD, sleep apnea, snoring,etc. The exclusive design of this bed foundation ensure you get the right sleep in the best sleep position.
  • It helps improve blood circulation
  • The the product comes with a simple 4-wired palm sized remote and video tutorial guides, which is super-easy to acquaint all the functions of the product.
  • Can easily upgrade your bed anytime if you want to change it.
  • The non pro-rated 25-year warranty assures unlimited assistance and guide while troubleshooting or acquainting the product.
  • Compatible with most Queen Size mattresses: Most adjustable beds are independent of the universal dimensions and create the confusion of finding the fitting mattress. However, with this product, you can fit any queen size mattress on the frame.
  • You get a therapeutic sleep at an affordable price.


  • High Legs Low Sidebar: Handful of customers complained that the product had a very low sidebar. Nevertheless, as Serta also provides affordable accessories and adjustments, contact their customer care, to resolve the issue ASAP!


  • Heavy if a single person tries to move it: A minority of customers complained that shifting the bed by one person alone, was difficult as the frame is hefty individually. Having a standby person, let alone the delivery does not include shifting is an apt resolution for the same.

Adjustable Foundation by Serta Motion Essentials, White comes highly recommended by a lot of customers on Amazon

This video explains how to easily assemble the Serta Motion Essentials II Adjustable Foundation.

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