How to Use a Walker Properly-Essential Steps to Follow


How to Use a Walker Properly-Essential Steps to FollowWhether you recently had a surgery,leg injury or you are at that stage in your life where age is no longer on your side anymore..It important to start to walk soon. But to do that, you will need an extra support.

This is where a walker comes in. A walker will provide you with the extra support that you need to get you on your feet again.

Types of Walkers

There many kinds of walkers to choose from. The choice is yours.

There are walkers without wheels, 2 wheel walkers and 4 wheel walkers.

Walker Basics

If you are using a walker without wheels,you will have to lift the walker forward put it down and step into it. but if it is a 4 wheel walker, you just push it forward and move forward.

When you lift or push your walker forward, ensure that all the 4 tips or wheels are on the ground before you put your weight on it. This will minimize slipping and falling.

Always look forward while using the walker and not down on your feet.

Adjusting your walker to an appropriate height will ensure that you don’t hurt yourself. The best way is to adjust the handles to your hips level while keeping your elbows slightly bent when you hold the handles.

How to Walk with a Walker

If you are using a walker for the first time or you simple want to improve on how to use your existing walker , follow these steps to help you.

How to go from Standing to Sitting with your Walker

The steps below will help you sit properly with your walker

How to go from Sitting to Standing with your Walker

The following steps will get you from a sitting position into a standing position with your walker.

How to Use a Walker on Stairs

Follow the following steps when you go up or down the stairs.

Safety Tips to Keep in Mind

Whether it is surgery, old age,or some unprecedented situation that has left you using a walker.Here are some safety tips to help you use your walker safely.

A walker is a real companion. It offers you the ability to be independent,It helps you to be stable while walking ,give you extra comfort . Walkers give you that possible of being able to enjoy your social life again.

I hope I was able to help you in some way. I will like to hear from you. You may leave your thoughts below in the comment box.

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