11 Best Handicap Shower and Bath Chair Picks


Whether you are looking to buy a handicap shower chair for yourself or a loved one, it can be a daunting task specially with the amount of information you find online these days.

There are now many manufacturers of  these shower seats for the disabled out there. And this makes it difficult to  filter down to  the best product that is best fit for you.

If you have a problem with hearing or you know some one who has a hard  time hearing properly, I recently selected the best TV Ears for seniors and hearing impaired. You may check it out if you have  not yet had a  look.

A handicap Shower seat is great fall prevention equipment for a  person with limited mobility. For that matter it is also  a worthy safety investment to make for yourself or a loved one.

As we all know the bathroom can be very scary place for those who dealing with instability issues.

Using a bathroom in any form of way  whether bathing , easing yourself, urinating and among others pose a higher risk factor relative to other rooms due to the presence of water, slippery surfaces, and often times a limited space.

On the flip side, you can have confidence in using the bathroom if proper safety equipment such as a seat in shower or shower chair for handicapped is available for your utilization.

One of the most effective pieces of equipment designed to keep one safe from a bathroom related injury is a shower chair.Other products that can  prevent falls in the bathroom  are Toilet seat booster  for adults and toilet helper for elderly people.

This especially designed handicap shower chair just works well like fancy durable medical equipment you hear about .

A typical shower chair is designed within the general specifications of bathtub  or shower dimension,these shower chairs are made out of material that do not rust, and height adjustable to accommodate different user heights.

Choosing the right shower chair requires some thought about features you need and do not need.

A study conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2011, using data from 2008, found that almost 200,000 Americans a year are treated in the emergency for bathroom related falls.

Here, I will highlight the best handicap shower chairs that will help you make a sound and informed decision about your purchase.

  1. Shower Chair with Back by Vive

  2. Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

  3. Tool-Free Spa Bathtub Adjustable Shower Chair Seat Bench with Removable Back

  4. MedMobile Aluminum Bath Tub Shower Chair with Handles and Drainage Holes

  5. MedMobile® Bath Bench with Back Support and Removable Padded Arms

  6. Medline Guardian Bath Bench with Back

  7. CTKcom Shower Chair with Back,Bathtub Chair for Handicap

  8. Shower Chair with PADDED with Armrests

  9. Duro-Med Bath Chair, Adjustable Shower Chair with Arms

  10. Brey-Krause Rectangular Shower Seat with White Poly Top

  11. Moen  Adjustable Tub and Shower Seat

After alot of research, I finally was able to settle on the best 11 handicap shower chair lists that will help you safe your time and energy and select from  the best shower chair for yourself, the handicapped or senior parent among these ones that I will be reviewing individually.

#1 Shower Chair with Back by Vive

It is a beautifully designed shower chair for the elderly or handicapped. who might have some form of difficulties standing in the shower for extended periods of time. It is designed to be able to  support weight capacity of up to  300 Ibs. The extra wide seat is well equipped with  handles that  makes the process of standing up or sitting down alot more easier for you.

The ergonomic back  and base of this  shower chair/seat makes it possible for it to fit into  majority of baths and showers   measuring   23.3” wide and is equipped with rubber tipped caps to avoid slipping during use. Protected by a lifetime guarantee. The other beautiful part of this shower chair is that the back can be removed to become a stool or small bench.

Shower Chair with Back by Vive is perfect for anyone who  has balance concerns, or who has suffered some form of injury or surgery.It helps reduce the risks for  injury  while you are bathing. A point to  note though, it is not a fold-able shower chair but you can comfortably remove the back to leave more room for you to  enjoy your shower or bath.The side by side handles  enable you to  grip on the sides for the needed balance.

handicap shower chair for seniorsPros



This easy to assembly handicap bath chair has been bought and reviewed by more than 220 verified customers  on Amazon and it is rated 4.6/5 Stars which is an indication that most of the customers are happy with their purchase. Check out this Shower chairs for the disabled on Amazon for more information.

#2 Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair

Drive Medical is one of the fastest growing major manufacturers and distributors of durable medical equipment in the home healthcare, medical or surgical and rehabilitation.

They have been around for a while and have a reputation for producing  and distributing quality products for the healthcare sector.

The Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back and Arms is one of their products that is designed for your safety  and bathing support.

It gives self-empowerment to individuals who mobility and balance have been affected in some way either through surgery, accident or advancement in age. This handicap shower seat is built for individuals who have experience difficulties while entering or exiting the bath or shower.

The lightweight design comes with large stable legs which are complimented by soft non-slip feet, ensuring your safety at all times.It was created with many people in mind, in the ��sense that it will be able to accommodate different shapes and sizes of people.

It comes with removable backrest,arms and legs making it possible and flexible to disassemble, store up,pack away and transport.It also comes with tool free height adjustment.

The height can be adjusted in increments of 1/2″. It has a visible height indicator that helps you make the adjustments  easy and quicker. Here are the Seat Dimensions: 16.5″(D) x 21.75″(W); Outside Legs: 15.5″(D) x 17″(W) for you to have an idea of how it is like.

You can now help rid yourself of this stress and worry as bathing once again becomes relaxing and pleasurable.

Drive Medical Premium Series Shower Chair with Back and Arms and handicap shower chairPros




Designed to give you maximum comfort, efficiency, safety, and ease of use, the Drive Safety Shower Chair is strong, durable and dependable. It’s everything you need in a shower safety bench seat.  This handicap shower chair  for seniors and  disabled has been reviewed by a whooping 1761 verified customers on Amazon is rated 4.5/5 Stars at the time of writing this post which is a clear indication that almost all the customers who reviewed this product love it. Check out the Drive Medical’s Bathroom Safety Shower Tub Bench Chair with Back on Amazon to see what other people are saying about this product.

#3 Tool-Free Spa Bathtub Adjustable Shower Chair Seat Bench with Removable Back

The EVA Medical Deluxe Spa Shower Chair offers a comfortable and safe solution to any fall-risk individuals or seniors who have problems standing while showering.

This disabled shower seat is designed with holes on the seat for water drainage to happen effectively thereby reducing the risk of slipping.

It is Constructed of strong 1″ anodized aluminium frame with angled legs and non skid rubber tips, which makes this shower chair both sturdy and durable. Its contoured anti-bacterial polystyrene seat offers good support and hygiene for individual during use.

This shower chair  does not require you to have any tools to be able to assemble it.The back of the chair is also very nice and the chair as a whole is very comfortable to sit in while bathing.

shower chair for handicappedPros






The Eva Medical Shower Chair is safe, hygienic, easy to use and rust resistant. This handicap bath chair is currently rated 4.4/5 Stars on Amazon and ha been reviewed by over 120 verified customers who have used the product and gave their feedback. The overall rating is great and is a good sign that it is worth the money majority of the invested in it.

#4 MedMobile Aluminum Bath Tub Shower Chair with Handles and Drainage Holes

MediMobile has been in medical equipment manufacturing for a while now. This handicap bath chair is designed with a built-in handles and drainage holes. Sure-grip legs provide added safety and stability.

It is built like a stool but is in a rectangular shape.The weight capacity is up to 250 Ibs. Any weight more than that might cause the shower chair wobble or break very early. So please ensure you know your weight limit before you purchase.

Because of the durable aluminium frame made of this shower chair,it is corrosion resistant and features  a seat height adjustments in 1-inch increments from 14″ to 21″.

The height of this shower chair is controlled by setting each of the four legs the same. In the shower it feels very secure and I have no need for help. But, of course, we all have different abilities.

This disabled shower seat is great for users who do not required a lot of support while in the shower.

If you are a user with  compromised physical abilities that requires a lot of support then this shower seat might not be ideal for you. The base dimension is  17″ (Width) x 16″ (Depth). Roomy seat is 20″ wide by 12″ deep.

Aluminum Bath Tub Shower Chair with Handles and Drainage HolesPros





This MedMobile Aluminum Bath Tub Shower Chair with Handles and Drainage Holes has been rated 3.8/5 Stars and reviewed by over 30 verified customers on Amazon. That is a  pretty good rating and signals  satisfaction from majority of users. this shower chair is  lightweight ,durable and corrosion proof. This ideal for people who need a little  in the shower or bath.Total weight is less than 6 lbs but supports up to 250 lbs.

#5 MedMobile® Bath Bench with Back Support and Removable Padded Arms

To many customers this MedMobile bath chair is a life saver to them because they are just recovery from some form of surgery. The Some potential customers have concerns about whether it will fit comfortably in a standard shower. The answer is yes.

It can fit well for all bathtubs and showers.  This shower seat is able to support up to 300 Ibs. The angled legs distribute  the weight over a larger area  for added stability.

The durable aluminum frame prevents corrosion . The frame is adjustable and offers you to choose from five seat height levels – from 16.5 to 21.5 inches. This caters for a lot of people of varying heights.

This simple chair is a great choice for those who are looking for a high-quality product. Its frame is made of aluminum, durable and rustproof. The frame is adjustable and offers you to choose from five seat height levels – from 16.5 to 21.5 inches.

Despite being lightweight – just nine pounds – this shower chair from MedMobile can support up to 300 pounds. It comes with angled legs to distribute the weight over a larger area. The seat of this model is made of polyurethane to offer extra comfort and support.




This shower seat is great for any person who has  mobility issues and might need additional support while using the bathtub or shower.  It has been rated 4.5/5 Stars and  is reviewed by more than 200 reviews and 16 answered  questions. Check out the MedMobile bath chair on Amazon.

#6  Medline Guardian Bath Bench with Back

Medline is a manufacturer of medical supplies serving hospitals, nursing homes and home health agencies. This company is known  worldwide for  its products in the health sector and Medline Guardian Bath Bench with Back is one of their quality products.

It is built for individuals who are physically challenged either temporary or permanently.

This handicap shower chair is also made of durable aluminium  frame which makes it corrosion resistant. The high-density polyethylene seat and back (20″w x 12″d) increases patient comfort.

The suction-cup tips on all four legs provide  more stability and safety. Also, the legs are angled in such a way that your weight can distribute  over a larger area.

The Medline bath chair  assist individuals who are having challenges sitting in a standard bath tub  or standing in the shower while allowing them a safe  place to  sit while having their bath.

Medline Guardian Bath Bench with BackPros


Tip :

Before purchasing this bath chair, measure the inside width of the bathtub floor to make sure the chair legs fit. The tub floor should measure a min of 19 inch wide to properly accommodate the bench.

The bath seat is most stable when the bottom of the chair’s legs sit on the bottom of the tub—not on the angled sides of the bathtub walls.

This shower chair for handicapped is been reviewed by over 440 verified customers and is rated 4.1/5 Stars on Amazon. It is a clear indication that most customers are happy with their purchase. Check out The Medline Guardian Bath Bench on Amazon.

#7  CTKcom Shower Chair with Back, Bathtub Chair for Handicap

The CTKcom Spa Shower Chair is careful constructed to  offer safe and  risk-free solution to  the handicapped or seniors who are prone to  falls in the shower or bathtub.It has the  drainage holes on the seat which makes it  to allow water to be drained effectively thereby reducing the risk of slipping.

The way it is Constructed of strong 1″ anodized aluminium frame with angled legs and non skid rubber tips, this makes the shower chair both sturdy and durable. Its wide, contoured anti-bacterial polystyrene seat offers good support and hygiene for individual during use.

handicap shower chairPros




The CTKcom Spa Shower Chair is  similar to  the Vive and MedMobile that I reviewed above. Although is not the same brand. Check out this handicap shower seat on Amazon for more details.

#8  Shower Chair with PADDED with Armrests

Looking for an extra more comfort with your shower chair? then the Shower Chair with PADDED with Armrests is your a great choice for you to  select.

It is the latest premium addition to the bathroom safety products and it is offered by Platinum Health Group. The whole design was centered on providing users with value quality,safety,comfort  and convenience.

Unlike old-style, cold, hard plastic seating surfaces, the Comfortable is equipped with a premium, padded, easy- to-clean seat surface, backrest and armrests.It is also a chair whereby you can easily adjust the height of the chair t accommodate many users.

As we all know design is now big. What Platinum Health Group did was use a blue color for the seat and other parts of the chair  which visually cue the user compared to the old style white/gray chairs that blend into the background.

The contrasting colors are especially beneficial for Dementia and visually impaired users to help prevent slips, trips and falls; the leading cause of death by injury in people over 65.

They are used in hospitals, senior living facilities and homecare settings worldwide.The robust, medical-grade aluminum frame will never rust..Dimensions: Overall 20.5” L x 22.5” W. Seat Height adjusts from 16.5” to 20.5”. Width between armrests: 20”. Seat surface 15.75” W x 13” D. Weight capacity: 300lbs.

Shower Chair, Bath Chair, PADDED with Armrests, ComfortAble(tm) Deluxe Shower ChairPros


All users of this padded shower chair are very happy with their purchase. It has actual been rated 5/5 Stars my all verified customers on Amazon. Check out the Shower chair with padded armrest.


#9  Duro-Med Bath Chair, Adjustable Shower Chair with Arms

With the help of a  seat in shower you will be able to shower with confidence  knowing that you have a stable place to  sit .

This light weight bath  and shower chair for the elderly and handicapped  is strong enough to support weight of up to 350 pounds and it weighs just  13 pounds. This is a great product for people who have troubles  standing or are worried that they might fall  in the bath or shower.

With this, showering is made easier  and safe for individuals with disabilities, seniors or those who are just recovery from some injury or surgery. The chair’s frame is made from aluminum which is incredibly strong yet lightweight.

The textured seat has drain holes so water won’t build up. And the suction cup rubber tips are slip resistant, giving the chair firm footing on wet surfaces. Seat height adjusts from 16 to 20 inches in 1 inch increments, Seat width is : 19 inches; seat depth: 13 inches, Legs measure 19.5 inches across and 20.5 inches from front to back and total dimensions: 21 x 21 x 32 inches


Duro-Med Bath Chair, Adjustable Shower Chair with ArmsPros

This handicap shower seat is  rated 4.5/5 Stars and reviewed by more than 10 verified customers. Check out this product on Amazon for more information.


#10 Brey-Krause Rectangular Shower Seat with White Poly Top

The Brey-Krause Rectangular Shower Seat with White Poly Top – 18″ by 16″ features a unique design and is  manufactured in the USA and  is using USA labor and USA sourced raw materials.

Which means is made of quality.The tubular components are fabricated from stainless steel. The shower seat includes a self locking mechanism to secure the seat upright when not in use.

Please note that integrity of the mount is of critical importance in the safe use of this product. Every installation is unique and for that reason fasteners are not included with the seat and must be purchased locally based upon the specific mounting requirements for each installation.

Rectangular Shower SeatPros

The Brey-Krause Rectangular Shower Seat has it own unique look that makes it different from all the others. It works just like that other handicap shower chairs. Check out this Rectangular Shower Seat on Amazon.

#11 Moen  Adjustable Tub and Shower Seat

The adjustable tub and shower seat  Moen is engineered into every Moen Home Care. This adjustable tub and shower seat is ideal for use in the shower as well as your tub.

This shower chair is also  made of  high-impact polypropylene. The way it is designed with the slight curved ends  and drain holes which makes  it able for drainage.

Moen DN7025 Adjustable Tub and Shower SeatThe polished, anodized aluminum legs with rubber feet have a 14- to 21-inch adjustable height to fit a variety of tub and shower styles.

This Shower chair for the disabled supports weights up to 250 pounds and the design  met the  ADA specifications.

The seat comes un-assembled, but requires no more than a large screwdriver and about five minutes to get out and mounted.

This shower chair for seniors has received  more than 550 customer reviews and is rated 4.2/5 Stars on Amazon. Check out what other people are saying about the Moen  Adjustable Tub and Shower Seat on Amazon.

Factors to consider when Choosing a Handicap Shower  Chair

When  choosing a handicap shower seat, there are a number of factors to  consider. You may  want to  ask yourself whether you need back support and how much?.

some seniors or handicapped individual might need a full back support while others might not because for some it might get in the way of them scrubbing some parts of their bodies.

Some of the models you will find feature stuff like hanging basket or compartments to hold soap and other toiletries, while this kind of model might be very convenient for those who can not stand at all, others might find it stand in their way.

If you find it difficult stepping in and out of our bathtub, consider a transfer bench or sliding transfer bench which also doubles as a shower chair. This way you wont have a problem going in  and out of your shower or tub.

Some Transfer chairs for shower have adjustable heights which is good feature. This is because a shower chair that too high and doesn’t allow you to keep your feet firmly on the bathroom floor may cause you some discomfort and may result in feeling on instability.

And you can easily fall off such a shower chair. Likewise, if it is too short it might interfere with your bathing and may cause you  to  be in a  hunched position.

The last but no  the least point I will touch on is, the seat itself should be wide enough to comfortably fit the user and have a non-slip surface. Especially if the seat is not comfortable enough with the soap, one might slip off the shower chair.

Those with drainage holes on the seat are best as they dry quicker with less chance of bacteria build up. No matter which shower chair you choose, it should feature non-slip feat to keep it from sliding around on wet surfaces.

It is always nice to keep in touch with loved ones. Getting a mobile phone Our senior citizens is also  a noble thing to do.

Here is a simple video showing you how to assemble a handicap shower chair  by Vive.I believe this will make your life much easier than you actual thought

Thank you and feel free to  leave your thoughts.


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