Bedside Commode with Drop Down Arms-3 Best Picks


A bedside commode with drop down arms is a type of bedside commode also know as toilet chair. Bedside Commode chairs are general found in private homes,nursing homes,hospitals,etc.

These toilet chairs are important equipment to help individuals who are usual bedridden , elderly or handicapped in one way or the other to help them go to the bathroom safely.

The provide people with a sense of independence. Generally, you will find these bedside commode chairs for elderly adults beside their beds just for the sake of providing convenience for them.But they are designed such that they are portable enough to be carried into other rooms.

Best Bedside Commode Chairs with Drop Arms

NameImageRatings Out of 5.0Price
Medline DropMedline Drop-Arm Commode-Arm Commode4.1$$
Drive Medical Steel Drop Arm Bedside Commode with Padded Seat and Arms4.1$$
Drive Medical Deluxe Bariatric Drop-Arm Commode4.2$$$


#1. Medline Drop-Arm Commode

With a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds maximum support, this Medline drop arm commode chair is designed such that thePadded Drop-Arms can be easily swinged down with just a push of a botton to make lateral transfers easier for caregivers assisting and individuals using a wheelchair.

Theheavy-duty construction make this the perfect choice for long term use. The foam padded seat and backrest provide the patient with comfort and the backrest can also be removed for it to be use as an over the toilet raised seat frame.

Bedside Commode with Drop Down Arms

This mid- priced commode chair is also luxurious in nature of design with its thick padded seat been adjustable from18.25 – 23.25.making it a versatile and sturdy product.

The pail as indicated by some users feedback, is best suitable for females than for males as male counterparts have gap issues and found it difficult to perfectly position the pail to control spillage.



This drop arm commode chair is very sturdy and safe to use. and for a price below $100, most customers found it to be worth the money. Checkout thisMedline Drop-Arm Commode.

#2. Drive Medical Steel Drop Arm Bedside Commode with Padded Seat and Arms

This bedside commode is also having an easy to release drop- arms mechanism which allows for patients to be easily transferred laterally from the commode chair. It also features an easy to clean grey powder coated steel finish.

In addition, itComes with a padded open front vinyl toilet seat, 12 qt commode bucket with carry handle, and a splash shield. The well Padded armrests and back provide extra comfort and support.

Best Bedside Commode with Drop Down Arms

The frame can be configured to be used as a bedside commode, toilet safety frame, elevated toilet seat or over your existing toilet.Plus, the height of the legs can easily be adjusted as well with just a push of a button for it to be used as a toilet seat riser.



With an overall maximum weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, this drop arm commode chair for seniors and disabled adults is rated 4.1/5.0 stars from over 100 customers on Amazon at the time of writing this review. Click Here for More Details About This Product.

#3. Drive Medical Deluxe Bariatric Drop-Arm Commode

Thisbariatric padded bedside commode is for those who are heavy duty and tall. Operating just the same ways as its junior one I reviewed just right above it, this one is designed to cater for people who are really heavy. With a maximum weight capacity of up to a 1000 pounds.

It also comes with easy to release arms mechanism which allows the individual seated on it to be transferred to and from the commode chair laterally. With it large and snap on seat, the pail easily slides in from the front of the commode chair and goes right under it.

extra wide bedside commode with drop arms

The12 qt commode bucket and cover that comes with it, is easily removed from behind. The seat height is adjustable between17-1/2 – 22 Inch high.



This extra wide bedside commode featuresdeeper and wider seat as well as padded arms and backrest is great for everyday use by heavy duty people. Checkout thisBariatric Drop-Arm Commode.

How to Use a Bedside Commode Chair

A commode is simply a movable toilet chair which can be used without running water like the normal toilet. It is a chair which has a small bucket under it called a pail.

Somebedside commodes may have wheels so that it can be rolled away when it is not needed. Now that we know what a commode chair is,Lets look at how to use it.

Some things you will require when using a bedside commode chair are; Disposable gloves, toilet paper or wipes, container with warm water, soap, wash cloth, tower.


Here is how to use the commode.

When the person is done using the chair;

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Final Thoughts

Whether you are considering aBedside Commode with Drop Down Arms for yourself or a disabled adult, these above mentioned commode chairs are my top selected ones and were chosen based on customers feedback. These commode chairs gives comfort and independence to the disabled.


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