Best 7 Bath and Shower Commode Chairs with Wheels for Elderly and Disabled


Having a Commode or a shower chair with wheels that is portable and versatile makes life easier for a very important part of daily life, you might encounter either injury, surgery, illness, disability or advancement in age.It is inevitable.

This can affect the way you walk and perform some tasks. That  means that certain things you didn’t find useful all of a sudden becomes useful all of a sudden becomes very useful.

You will find shower chairs with wheels might come in very handy when you need to take a shower or bath.

A shower chair that has  wheels is also known as rolling shower chair  which  to transport you easily to the bathroom or shower. Most shower chairs with wheels have a removable pail and flip-back armrests.

The rolling chair with wheels is an advanced version of the normal  handicap shower chair  because they are both used to help individuals who are physically challenged to use the shower or bath effectively in so doing reduce their risks of falling. There are also other devices such as raised toilet seat  with arms and legs  for seniors and  seniors toilet seat risers to use in the bathroom  to ensure safety and comfort for the senior ones.

Wheeled shower chairs with built in commodes are also available for those whose disabilities might be more advanced that they need more specialized help. these chairs range from simple, lightweight to more elaborate models with rolling wheels, support straps and reclining backs.
Here, I have Listed all the top wheelchairs for shower for you to select from.

Best Shower Commode Chairs for Elderly People

#1. Duro-Med Shower Chair , Commode Chair and Padded Toilet Seat, Shower Transport Chair

#2. MJM International 118-3TW-SSDE Standard Shower Chair with Soft Seat

#3. Innovative Products Unlimited ELT817 B Elite Shower Chair

#4. NOVA Medical Products 8805 Drop Arm Transport Chair Commode

#5. Aluminum Shower Chair/bedside Commode W/casters and Padded Seat, Commode

#6. Elite Shower Chair Commode with Footrest and Left Drop Arm

#7. MedMobile® 2-in-1 Commode / Shower Wheelchair with Drop-down Armrests, Locking Rear Castors


Here are detailed reviews of all the shower chairs are listed above.

#1 MJM International  Standard Shower Chair with Soft Seat

This  shower chair with  wheels is made of health care grade polymer plastics which are phthalates  and lead free.

It is a comfortable shower chair for individuals who are handicapped or senior citizens. This is designed in such a way that its contoured frame-no sharp edges prevent you from getting skin breaks.

Supporting a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds, it has drop arms, slide footrest and a soft seat that gives you a relaxed feeling while you enjoy your shower or bath.

Knowing what  you want  before you even start to search to buy a shower chair or seat is important. For this chair the drop hands gives you a comfortable armrests and gives you a support system  to hold on to  while you take  your shower.

The slide footrest is a luxury to  some while to others it is a necessity.It comes in handy for the you if you are short in terms of height.

But also you don’t have to be shorter to benefit from the improved circulation and blood flow that comes with a footrest. By reducing pressure on your legs, a footrest can help to prevent blood clots related to deep vein thrombosis, relieve pressure on the lower back, and decrease swelling and varicose veins.

A footrest is just plain more comfortable than resting your feet on the floor. for the seat dimension ;40.5″ Height x 22″ Width x 25.25″ Depth.


The MJM International  Standard Shower Chair with Soft Seat  comes in different colors for you  to choose from namely;Royal Blue/Forest Green/Mauve. Usually I check to  give you an overview of what customers are saying about a product on Amazon, but this product is fairly new on the market.

It has Rust Proof Threaded Stem Casters, With Double Drop Arms, Slide Out Footrest And Deluxe Elongated Open Front Soft Seat Overall, I believe this is a great product.


#2  Innovative Products Unlimited ELT817 B Elite Shower Chair

This virtually Innovative Products Unlimited ELT817 B Elite Shower Chair is  virtually  indestructible and   has 17.25″ between the arms.

It has virtually indestructible blow molded seat and a backrest.It is  Easy to clean and all four wheels lock. Very sturdy.

This shower commode chair for disabled people is deluxe, Never rust all locking twin wheel casters backrest push handles for easy mobility.

The U-shaped  opening in the the frame allows you easy access to bathing care seat.this  special seat design offers unmatched comfort for the physically the handicap or the elderly .The snap on seat lifts off frame for easy cleaning.

some of you might have some questions about this shower chair  you will like to clarify such as;

Can this shower chair go through a standard doorway?. The answer is yes. It can fit through a standard doorway.

If you are concern about it fitting through your bathroom door.Yes, it will pass through and it is ok to have these concerns.

Another important question that some customers asked is;

Can this chair go over a 19 inches toilet? “NO the chair does not fit over a 19″ toilet. It does fit over the 17” toilets. The seat is a rigid molded plastic. It is waterproof, but firm, not soft.


This product is excellent for showers. Does not roll over chair height toilet unless seat removed. This rolling shower chair has received 5/5 Stars from Amazon so far indicating all the verified customers so far love their purchase.

#3  Elite Rolling Shower Chair Commode with Footrest and Left Drop Arm

It allows for a good showering experience, is sturdy and easy to roll. This wheeled shower chair comes in different colors for you to select from.

You can choose from these colors namely; Red, Grey or Blue. This virtually indestructible blow molded seat and backrest allows for a comfortable shower.

The open-front seat and U-shaped opening in the frame allow easy access for bathing.

The maximum weight capacity of this rolling Shower Chair  and footrest is 325 pounds. This allows it to support different weights of people.

The snap on seat lifts  off frame  for you to  easily cleaning. The seat is especially designed to  offer you the best possible comfort it can offer. The materials used in making this wheeled shower chair is rust proof.

This means you never have to worry  about it rusting in anyway at any point in its usage. The all locking, twin-wheel casters enable easy movements across the different floors in your home.

This model features a slide-out footrest and a drop arm for easy transfers.The backrest also push handles over for easy mobility and includes a slide-out pail. This product dimensions are 39″ H x 21″ W x 22″ D.


The Elite Shower Chair Commode with Footrest and Left Drop Arm offers  a great opportunity for you to be able to  get your shower or use the toilet independently without increasing fall-risks.



#4 MedMobile® 2-in-1 Commode / Shower Wheelchair with Drop-down Armrests, Locking Rear Castors

This  high quality constructed MedMobile® 2-in-1 Commode / Shower Wheelchair can be used  as a shower and bath wheelchair as well as a bedside commode or a mobile toilet.

Designed with powder coating steel to  cater for weights up to 250 pounds.The commode bucket with cover  slides in and out easily from the rear of the chair seat allowing you more room to be able to take your shower without water pouring into the bucket.

MedMobile® 2-in-1 Commode / Shower Wheelchair with Drop-down Armrests, Locking Rear Castors, Detachable Footrests Pros


If you are looking for a rolling shower chair with padded seat, then the  MedMobile® 2-in-1 Commode / Shower Wheelchair will come in handy for you.

It has been reviewed by over 40 customers and rated 4/5 Stars on Amazon with 33 answered questions to  any concerns that might need to be clarified. Check out this rolling shower chair with padded seat on Amazon to  see what others are saying as well.


Best Affordable Rolling  Shower Chair for the Elderly and Handicapped

 #5 Duro-Med Rolling Shower Chair

Shower chairs help us move our loved ones or a patient  in and out of the shower. This Duro-Med commode with high quality shower chair that has wheels works great as a padded commode chair as it fits over a standard toilet. which enables you to easily  perform multiple transfer.

This shower chair has waterproof PVC backrest with comfortable padded vinyl seat that makes it comfortable  to sit for a longer time in the shower without feeling the pain.The arm rests are comfortable and offer stability in the shower while making it easier to sit and rise.

This shower chair supports up to 250  pounds and allows you to be  able to move across floors and thick carpets. It has durable wheels, along with rear locking  wheels to set it in  place. The seat height is 21 inches, seat size is 16 by 16 inches, and overall size is 24 by 22 by 34 inches.

This shower chair  has a 2 in 1 functionality as it is also an effective commode chair.

Easily Transport Your Loved Ones or Patients To and From The Shower and The Commode While Giving Them The Comfort They Deserve

Duro-Med Shower Chair With Wheels, Commode Chair and Padded Toilet Seat, Shower Transport ChairPros

This rolling shower chair with padded seat has received massive reviews and was rated 4/5 Stars on Amazon as at the time of writing this review.  I will recommend it for anyone who is looking for something cheaper and it does the work well.  Check out this rolling shower chair  on Amazon  for more information .


#6 NOVA Medical Products 8805 Rolling Shower Chair

The Drop-Arm Transport Chair Commode is designed with a drop arm and removable swing-away footrests for easy patient transfer. The drop arms allow for safe lateral patient transfer to and from the rolling shower chair.

The very comfortable padded  seat fits over the commode seat and converts the chair into a great transport chair.

The beautifully painted surface makes it environmentally friendly. You can also remove the back very easily without any tools.There are commode bucket and lid included. The bucket can be removed by sliding out from the rear side.

The Nova Medical Products Rolling shower chair is made of Durable aluminum frame that make it rust proof and it very durable. Overall dimensions is : 22.25″W x 23″D x 37.5″H; Width between arms: 18″; Arm height from seat: 10.75″.

This wheelchair for shower is able to  fit through standard door such as 24″ doors. You can easily make it pass through narrower doors by dropping the arms.

If you are concerned about whether it will fit over a 17″ toilet, the answer is yes, it fit over a 17″ toilet if the removable seat and the potty is removed.

NOVA Medical Products 8805 Drop Arm Transport Chair Commode tolling shower chair for seniorsPros



This chair is strong and very high quality. It works as a bedside commode, a transport chair, a rolling  shower chair.

If you have someone recovering, or in need of a multi-function chair for the handicapped, I recommend this one. It is very stable and does not tip, when patient is trying to move from bed to chair, etc.

It wheels smoothly and the locks work well at keeping the chair secure. Rated 4.1/5 Stars and reviewed by almost 200 customers on Amazon. This is a good indication majority of users like their product.

#7 Aluminum Shower Chair/bedside Commode W/casters and Padded Seat


The Aluminum Rolling Shower Commode Chair with wheels is perfect for people who need a commode but also want the convenience of a wheelchair for easy transportation and mobility.

The aluminum frame of the Shower Commode Chair is an attractive white color and is also resistant to rust which makes it ideal for the shower

The chair comes with two rear locking casters to provide safety when the user does not need to be moved.

The seat cut-out provides comfort and allows the chair to be positioned over a standard toilet for use, but also comes with a bucket to be used anywhere it is required.  Footrests come standard and include adjustable height and angle footplates.

The Aluminum Shower Commode Chair is ideal for anyone who is looking for a shower chair and commode for their home. The cut-off weight capacity is 300 pounds.

If you weigh more than this please check out my other picks on this list that are more than that. Overall width 21″, padded seat 20 1/2″ wide, height fixed 38″, depth 16″, 18 1/4″ between arms.

Aluminum Shower Chair/bedside Commode W/casters and Padded Seat, Commode Pail and CoverPros


Commode – rolling Shower chair , padded seat, commode pail and cover. It is very durable and high quality. rolling shower chair with padded seat at the time of writing this post is rated 3.5/5 Stars  and reviewed by more than 20 customers on Amazon. Check out what others are saying about this wheelchair for shower.

Here is a quick video showing how to assemble a rolling shower chair


Final Thoughts

Overall, these were the top rolling shower chairs I found after I did my research to find which ones will meet your needs and are the best among the lot in the market.

These shower commode chairs  for disabled people are also designed to be positioned at the bedside of a disabled individual whose movement is very limited. If you looking for rolling walker for outdoors, then have a look at my top picks.

So these shower chairs have multi-purpose. If you are looking to  buy a shower chair with wheels you may consider these ones above or if you have come across any you will like to share . feel free

Thank you!



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