3 Best Bed Exit Alarms to Reduce Fall Risk for Seniors Reviews


Research has soon thatbed exit alarms to reduce fall risk are the important component ofeffective risk reduction strategies. That is if it is used properly. These bed alarms for fall prevention are designed to be able to alert or warn caregivers that the set patient is making attempt to leave or has left the bed.

However, it must also be noted that bed exit alarms for disabled individuals do not restrain or prevent falls by themselves. If you need an equipment for restraining the individual out of the bed, then you need to check out these Bedside Support Rails for Disabled People.

These bed alarms for all management comes in different forms.A common typeis a pressure-sensitive pad that is placed beneath the patient, usually in the shoulder area or in the area of the buttocks.

The bed pad is mostly attached a control unit that is either mounted on the wall or attached to the bed itself.

Top Rated Bed Exit Alarms

Name ImageRatings out of 5.0Price
Wireless (Cordfree) Bed Alarm and Bed Pad4.2$$
Secure MAG-3 Magnet Pull Cord Alarm4.4$$
Smart Caregiver Bed Alarm and Sensor Pad3.6$$

Other bed alarms have Cords and garment clips that consist of a control unit mounted on the bed or the wall and a cord that is attached to the patients clothing. The alarm is activated when the patient leaves the bed or detached the clips cord from themselves.

There are also patient-worn alarms that are attached directly to the patient and bells when the patent moves, others are also Bedside infrared beam detectors that are typically
set up next to the bed or on the wall to send a beam over the top or alongside the bed. They
are activated when the patient breaks the beam.

The bed exit alarm control devices come with different features depending on the needs of the patents and the caregiver. Below are the top rated bed alarms for fall prevention and management.


#1. Wireless (Cordfree) Bed Alarm and Bed Pad

This bed alarm system comes has a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. The pad also has a lifespan of 1 year with daily use. This information is essential the customer because most often times what I see is customers complaining that their device didn’t last and they were not told before purchase.

Best Bed Exit Alarms to Reduce Fall Risk for Seniors Reviews

If you need a replacement pad,candly contact the manufacturer. The 10″ x 30″ bed sensor pad is made of soft vinyl, easy to wipe clean and incontinence resistant. It is placed underneath the patient on the bed, either around theshoulder blades, the alarm alerts the caregiver the patient of trying to sit up or place it in the hip area to warn the caregiver the patient is about to exit the bed.



This wireless alarm for beds comes recommended for any caregiver who wants to be able to move around while still keeping an eye on their patient. Checkout this Bed Exit Alarm on Amazon.

#2. Secure MAG-3 Magnet Pull Cord Alarm for Fall Management

ThisPatient Monitoring Caregiver Alert or Elderly Dementia Safety Aid comes with its batteries included unlike the number one above thatI reviewed.

It alarm casing is made of break-resistant ABS plastic and it features three volume control levels, two alert tones, a light bar for warning you of low battery and an in-room alarm identification. one good about this bed alarm for dementia patients do not have on/off switch for patients in the room. This is meant to prevent the patient from turning alarm off or disabling it.

Bed Exit Alarms to Reduce Fall Risk


The circular magnetic strip attached to the clothes of the patient by a locking alligator clip. It is strong enough to prevent false alarms.


If you are looking for a bed alarm for dementia patients or something less pricey, then you should consider this bed exit alarm system. Click Here to See Price and More Details.

#3.Smart Caregiver Bed Alarm and Sensor Pad

Here is another product by Smart Caregiver company. The10″ x 30″ pad is made of a soft, latex-free vinyl, with the foam interior, and is sealed for incontinence protection.

But unlike the above-reviewed alarms, this bed exit alarm has a one-year long-term pad as well as shorter-term pad lasting 45 and 90 days respectively. If you need the shorter term pads you should contact the seller.

Bed Exit Alarms to Reduce Fall Risk

This alarm unit features a very visibly placed reset button to silent the alert, a low battery indicator, a pad lost alert if the pad is disconnected and a volume adjustment button. Plus, it comes with a one year warranty with daily use as well.

This bed alarm for fall prevention is simply operated by placing the pad under the patients back or buttocks area underneath the patient. The alarm unit alerts the caregiver once the resident attempts getting up or leaving the bed. It requires a one 9 V battery or you purchase an optional AC adapter model AC-02(9 V).



This is one of the best bed alarms for seniors and even some users said they are able to use it as a chair alarm as well. it has received over 240 verified customer reviews on Amazon. Checkout this Bed Alarm on Amazon.

Final Thoughts

Some key notes on choosing theright bed alarm unit are knowing which type of alarm unit is best for your patient and how your bed exit alarm actual works as there different types to choose from. It is also importantto note that if your patient is using a pace maker, some bed ext alarms might not work properly. These featured Best Bed Exit Alarms to Reduce Fall Risk for Seniors are to help you reduce the risk of your patient from falling before you get there and the provide independence for both the caregiver and the patient. As no one really likes it when someone is sitting watching them all the time.

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