Best Rated Walkers for Seniors:My Top 5 Picks


Are looking for the best rated walkers for seniors?. Walkers are essential for anyone looking for an extra support system. Be it for yourself or your loved ones.

Old age comes with wisdom but it also comes with is own fair share of problems too.Apart from weaker legs, they also surfer from vision,balance and mobility problems. If you have not read post my best rollators for seniors, check it out.

Having the right walker can make a huge difference in your independence and freedom. A walker gives the elderly the ability to move around their home and community safely.

Types of Walkers for Elderly People

Walkers come in different shapes,material make and sizes. You can find one that meet your specific needs there is no one size fit all here. Since there are different levels of support that the elderly might need, there are different kinds walkers that the senior person can choose from. Lets see the different kinds of walkers that you can find.

These are the simplest types of walkers for seniors you can find. They have four legs and just two handles and can easily be folded into half for transportation or storage.

Who can use a folding walker?

These are walkers for seniors who had hip replacement or surgery.Especial if the elderly person needs to place a significant amount of their weight on the walker because either one leg or both legs are weak.

They are also for elders who need to use a walker but their their rollator walker due to some reasons, cannot fit through doors.For example: if an elderly person needs to use the bathroom and their rollator cannot go through the door.A standard walker can be place at the entrance for them to easily use.

These types of walkers are for the seniors who need an extra functionality of a quad cane but they also need extra support. It looks very similar to the standard walker, but it is use with one hand like a cane.

Who should use a hemi walker?

These type of walkers are for the elderly who have partial or full paralysis of one side of their body (hemiplegia due to a stroke). A senior who can not make full use of their upper bodies and hence cannot use a folding walker which will require them to hold it with both hands.

In addition to partial or full paralysis patient, it can also be use by people who have a fractured arm, shoulder,wrist,etc and who need a walker for recovery.

Front wheeled walkers are like the standard walkers without wheels but just that these ones have wheels in front of them to allow for easier movement and slide to the sides.

Who should use a front wheeled walker?

They are for elders who need to use a walker but do not need to place all their weight on the walker. They are the easiest to use and can easily be folded and stored in the trunk of the car or home.

Best Walkers for Seniors Reviews

Sometimes when looking for the best medical walker for your needs,it can be time consuming and confusing , so I have hand picked some of the best rated walkers for seniors to help you in making a sound and easy decision.

This gray stylish lightweight folding walker is portable for travel. It can support a weight of up to 250 pounds and the aluminum body structure provides you with maximum safety and strength while remaining lightweight.

best walkers for seniors

The height can easily be adjusted from 32″ to 39″ to accommodate users with different needs.It has a an easy to use 2 button design to extend or fold it. The tips of this walker are made of 4 slip resistant tips which helps with movement through narrow space.This walker has a Limited lifetime warranty.

It is the perfect walker for someone with one sided weakness because it is designed for people who can only use one hand or arm. It is one of the best lightweight walkers for seniors who suffer from partial or full paralysis.

best hemi walker for seniors

This walker is much lighter than the standard walker and more stable than a cane and is perfect for anyone who doesn’t need a walker yet requires a wider base support.

This Hemi walker from Drive medical can support a weight of up to 300 pounds and has an Overall Dimensions: 16″(L) x 18.5″(W) x 28.5″(H) . The handle can be adjusted from 28.5″-35.5″.You can easily fold it with one hand for storage.

There are vibrant metallic colors to choose from for this folding walker: blue and silver.Constructed of strong anodized aluminum, this walker can support up to 250 pounds and it only weighs 5 pounds!.

best rated walkers for for the eldrly with wheels

The 5-inch wheels glide across most surfaces and the slip-resistant rubber tips give you a firmer grip on the floor or pavement. The walker is also adjustable 32 to 38 inches, meaning it will be a good fit for most people.

Folds down to only a 4 inch width for storage. Just press down on two buttons to release it. The distance between the handles is 17 inches wide and the overall width is 25 inches.

This deluxe walker is one of the best walkers for seniors with wheels that can easily maneuver narrow spaces and still have a greater stability while standing.

This walker features a unique push button mechanism for easy folding, it is durable and lightweight.

best rated walkers for seniors with wheels

This Folding Aluminum Walker has 5″ wheels and newly designed rear glide caps for use on many types of terrain, while the contoured hand grip and adjustable height make the Folding Aluminum Walker comfortable to use.

This walker has a weight capacity of up to 350 pounds and only weighs 7.5 pounds. It has a total dimensions of :24″ by 32″by17.5″. The handles can easily be adjusted from 32″-39″ to accommodate users with different needs.

This Deluxe 2 button folding lightweight walker for seniors is constructed with Anodized aluminum which provides users with maximum safety, stability and strength.

best rated walkers for seniors with wheels

It is also one of the best rated walkers for senior. It can support up to 250 pounds and the height can be adjusted up between this range :32″-39″ so as to be able to support users with different needs.

5 inch wheels in the front and 2 slip resistant rubber tips in the back stabilize the walker and at the same time provide smoother mobility.It is very easy to fold for storage or travel and easy to extend for you.

My Final Thoughts

With so many walkers for seniors in both online and in bricks and mortar stores. It can be hard to shop for the right one. However, you can still buy the right walker for yourself or your ageing parent from the list of best rated walkers for seniors I have mentioned above.You are least likely to go wrong because the were the best rated walkers on Amazon with so many customer rating them 4 to 5 stars.

After you have purchased your favorite walker, you may now want to learn how to use your walker properly. here is a post that will show you how to use your walker properly.

Hope you found this post useful. Share with us you opinions below.

Thank you.



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