Best Mobile Phones for Senior Citizens and Elderly People


Day in day out thousands of electronic devices are launched. smart devices that makes lives much easier.Mobile phones are not an exception.

The only problem still remains that finding the best mobile phones for senior citizens is challenging. Because there not many brands out there that are targeting our senior citizens.

Recently there are a couple of recent brands that are producing phones for senior citizens.

What I came to realized is that our elderly also want to enjoy these technologies just as much as we do. We younger people love to text, make calls, listen to videos, etc, the elderly also want to do the same as well.The only difference is the way we all interact with them.

I have done my research around and have found that these mobile phones for seniors that I am about to talk about are the most preferred mobile phones for the elderly.There are some that stand out from the lot that are in the market.

There are many ways technology is changing different aspects of our lives such as in the form of shower chairs, hearing amplifiers and even in the way we sleep.

So, I will reviewing the best mobile phones for senior citizens – this will aid you in selecting which is most suitable for you.

#1. Snapfon ezTWO Senior Unlocked GSM Cell Phone

The Snapfon ezTWO senior unlocked GSM cell phone is one of the cheapest senior phones and was designed with our seniors in mind. It has received over 1000 customer reviews and 3.9/5 rating on Amazon. This is good because is an indication that most customers are happy with their purchase. Technology can be challenging for everyone.The Snapfon was designed with easy use in mind ; big buttons, enhanced sound,easy to navigate menus,Bluetooth, hearing aid compatibility, and an exclusive SOS button that transforms this simple phone into a life changing device for seniors.

best mobile phones for senior citizens

This phone is basic and cheap and affordable. So if you are looking for something simple,Snapfon ezTWO Senior Unlocked GSM Cell Phonewill be a good option to consider.

#2. Jitterbug5 Easy-to-Use Cell Phone

This is Samsung phone was thoughtfully designed for no-hassle daily use, the Jittterbug5 takes simplicity to the next level with features like big buttons, a backlit keypad and a powerful speaker for clear conversations.

A convenient built-in camera makes it easy to capture and share every special moment. With Minutes-Only plans starting at $14.99 per month, staying in touch with family and friends is easier than ever.

Unlike most cell phones that need to be recharged almost every day, the Jitterbug5 has one of the longest-lasting batteries on the market and can go nearly a month without needing to be charged.

samsung best mobile phones for senior citizens

The Samsung Jitterbug5 Easy-to-Use Cell Phone is fancier than the Snapfon ezTWO senior unlocked GSM cell phone. If you looking for something more modern, it is the option to go for. As it has received over 200 reviews and is rated 4.1/5 stars on Amazon. This is and indication that most people like theJitterbug5 Easy-to-Use cell phone.

#3. Jitterbug Smart Easy-to-Use 5.5

With a modern look, the new jitterbug smart is designed with Great Call signature simplicity. While most smartphones are complicated with tiny icons and Multiple screens,

the jitterbug smart has large icons that are organized in a single list on one 5.5-Inch display. This simplified approach is user-friendly and engineered specifically for seniors.

Great Call offers a variety of affordable cell phone plans for seniors for as low as $17.48/month. Turn your jitterbug smart into a personal safety device with great call’s exclusive health and safety apps like 5Star, Urgent care, Med Coach and brain games.


As at the time of writing this post, this mobile for senior citizens was rated 3.7/5 and has over 140 reviews. Which indicates that a lot of people are quite good with the product.



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